Premedia and Creative Services

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We cater to the Design and Reprographic needs of our customers. With our diverse and in-depth expertise we are equipped to meet the expectations of our varied customers from different backgrounds such as architectural, engineering, manufacturing, retail, and advertising industries. We understand what exactly our customers need and deliver the desired output either by using their existing templates for page layouts or create a new one especially for them based on their specifications.

In this fast moving business world, we stand apart by ensuring that deadlines are met, come what may. We see to it that necessary resources and quality checks are allocated to get things done ‘First Time Right’ & ‘On Time Every Time’. We believe that quick & quality delivery translates to more opportunities and growth.

Imaging and Retouching

With the help of our latest image editing techniques, we create images that fully match your business needs. This helps to create more sleek and interesting creative images for campaigns, advertisements etc. Image Composition techniques are used to pool images. The combined essence is captured which makes it all the more unique & effective.

Keeping in mind the client’s time zone, we allocate teams to complete their targets well on time.When specialized and more complex image enhancement is required, our expert imaging and art operators are gathered immediately, briefed on the requirement, which is followed by a brainstorming session that helps us to gather all the inputs and suggestions. The best practice is chosen based on the cost-effectiveness, timeframe, people resources and technology used.