Learning Services

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Learning Services Overview

What do you think creates the need for learning and training in the business world? If you analyse this, every business requirement arises from a business problem or say, performance gap. And this is by all means distinct from concern to concern. At Lionforce, we understand that solutions have to be customised to suit our customers. What applies to one need not necessarily apply to another. That is why we attentively listen to our clients; try to step into their shoes and think of solutions from their perspective.

This ensures that our clients not just acquire great custom learning solutions but also enjoy a delightful working experience. Our solutions are based on sound instructional design, visual communication and digital interaction, and they reflect a thorough understanding of the context of training, audience profiles, performance goals and business objectives.

Our Offerings

Our instructional design is categorically centred on well researched learning and multimedia principles, and executed using sound project & quality management techniques. This combination is bound to give you the best of results in the competitive market. CLICK TO KNOW MORE
Our custom mLearning solutions symbolize the highest levels of security which basically refers to data security, adherence to company privacy policy, accessibility i.e. scalable across devices and organizations, and design plans in terms of being user-friendly, intuitive, up-to-date so that you can be guaranteed of a custom mobile learning solution that will boost your learner’s performance. CLICK TO KNOW MORE
The fast moving business world is many a time in need of quick solutions that need to be delivered in a matter of days. CLICK TO KNOW MORE
Blended learning goes beyond good and basic training to a more systematic education that promotes on-going learning within the workplace. CLICK TO KNOW MORE
Translation or localization of your product into the language used in the given market quickly becomes a necessity. CLICK TO KNOW MORE