Learning Services

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Custom eLearning

We believe in crafting engaging learning experiences that change underlying behaviour and thereby impacting performance. Our business development team works with you to understand your unique training needs, the targeted audience and the expected performance goals resulting inappropriate custom eLearning solutionsthat meet your learning needs and business objectives.

Our instructional design is categorically centred on well researched learning and multimedia principles, and executed using sound project & quality management techniques. This combination is bound to give you the best of results in the competitive market.

We work with the latest technologies and follow the best design approaches and standards. We customize your course such that it will help to track your learners’ learning activities – be it completing a course, watching a video, taking an assessment or something as simple as accessing a course. Your Instructor audience will love this!

We take special care to develop our eLearning courses in such a way that they create a significant impact on our client’s long-term performance. Our courses are compliant with standards such as SCORM and AICC and run seamlessly on all such standard systems.
Advancements in digital media and technology haveplayed a significant role in bringing acomplete changeover in learning methodologies. Today, scenarios and simulations exploit instructional technology to let learners explore varied outcomes in a risk-free environment mirroring the real world.

Scenario-based learning is designed in such a way that learners are put in a situation or context. They are presentedwith the relevant issues and challenges and givenan adequate chance to apply the knowledge and skills relevant to the situation. Learners wadethrough the scenario by choosing options they find appealing. Timely feedback is given for their choices and they are allowed to make different choices just to make them understand the possibility of multiple solutions for the same problem.This is a very effective learning tool in every sense as learning occurs better when learners are immersed in situations that demand performance.

Simulations vary greatly in form and the learning outcome they target. They are best used for procedural knowledge and decision making skills.

We offer several types of simulations with varying degrees of fidelity:
• Software Emulation
• Operational and Process Simulations
• Principle–based Simulations
• Problem–based Simulations
Humans have used games to learn and teach for many years. It has the unique ability to grab complete attention and bring about the winning streak in every one of us. At Lionforce, we recognize the tremendous learning value that games represent. As youngerminds enter the workforce, they bring with them expectations of sophisticated digital media, engagement and interaction which can be met only by digital games.

We offer complete learning game design and development services that target a wide variety of learning and performance outcomes. After complete analysis of your learning needs, we visualize a game plan to suit your needs. This mental map is followed by the physical creation of the actual digital learning game. Our game-based solutions can be broadly categorized into two areas:

Casual Games

Casual games are simple, down-to-earth, easy to play, short and designed for repeated play. Casual games have simple rules with no complications. They can have any type of gameplay, and fit in any genre. They require no long-term time commitment or special skillsets to play. We develop several types of casual games – quiz games, puzzle-based games and others. We can also develop casual game shells that will let us deploy game-like content for efficient learning.

Simulation Games

Simulation Games attempt to replicate various activities in ‘real life’ in the form of a game for various purposes such as training, analysis & prediction. The environment, objects and rules simulate a performance environment. Lionforce has the expertise to createreal-life environments and populate them with objects that emulate the real world. Players get completely involved in this game as they can interact with the objects and avatars in these environments. The business & learning needs are aligned with the simulation game in such a way that the game becomes a beneficial experience to the player. Added attractions are the complex scoring options and various feedback mechanisms that make it an exciting play time experience.