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Custom mLearning

Mobile learning - or mLearning - is the design and delivery of eLearning course material for handheld devices. We develop custom mobile learning solutions for your Smartphones, feature phones, tablets, notebook and MP3 players using various platforms like Android, Blackberry or Apple iOS. The courses are developed using Flash, Objective C or HTML 5 to be on par with the growing technology. As Multi-device learning design is becoming increasingly important our learning designers have set out to design once and deliver to all three operating systems as well as a variety of device sizes.

We ensure that our team gets technically upgraded on a continuous basis in order to walk hand in hand with evolving technologies (HTML 5), platforms (iOS 6, Ice Cream Sandwich), authoring tools and design approaches (eg.Responsive and Adaptive design). We have also integrated Tin Can API into our proprietary courseware framework for custom mobile learning. This means the developed mLearning solutions have the potential to widely track your learners’ learning activities like course access, the extent to which the course is completed, watching a video, referring to attached case studies, taking up an assessment etc.

Our custom mLearning solutions symbolizethe highest levels of security which basically refers to data security, adherence to company privacy policy,accessibilityi.e.scalable across devices and organizations, and design plans in terms of being user-friendly, intuitive, up-to-date so that you can be guaranteed of a custom mobile learning solution that will boost your learner’s performance. This would in turn mean not just increased productivity but enhancing your production capability.

Our Offerings

We develop very short courses ideally say for about 2 to 5 min to be delivered on mobiles as supplement synopses to a classroom or an eLearning session. This is a very effective form of summarising and is of great utility. REACH US NOW!
We construct short, crisp mobile video lessons on any subject. This is ideal in case a common message needs to be sent out to the entire organisation. REACH US NOW!
We help you conduct surveys, fun quizzes and interesting smart games to understand the temperament of the employees. REACH US NOW!
We can deliver short story–based learning modules to your learners within anmBook app. This can be very useful in the area of Compliance Training, in which employees are made aware of the Code of Conduct expected out of them. REACH US NOW!
We create custom apps for various sets of platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows. REACH US NOW!
We develop new content for tablets or convert your existing legacy content into eLearning for iPads. REACH US NOW!