Learning Services

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Rapid Authoring

The fast moving business world is many a time in need of quick solutions that need to be delivered in a matter of days. Rapid Authoring tools come in handy to solve this challenge. This is the methodology used to build highly engaging and flawless e-learning courses. Need analysis, followed by instructional design is embarking on to define the required learning activity. Mind mapping is introduced to refine the existing information to suit the needs of learners.

Blended Learning

The goal of a blended approach is to combine the best aspects of both face to face and online instruction. Blended learning goes beyond good and basic training to a more systematic education that promotes on-going learning within the workplace. It is the combination of different learning methodologies that best suits the needs of the learner, skill sets and resources available.

• Mixing of technology-based learning (e-learning, collaboration, virtual classroom, etc.)
• Combination of pedagogical approaches (behaviourism and constructivism)
• Mixing of forms of instructional technology (face-to-face, Internet, CD-ROM, etc.)
• Integrating instructional technology with hands-on activities

Translation & Localization

With sales in your home market reaching their growth limits sooner or later, marketing your products to international markets is an attractive option. This opens new roads to increasing your revenues, and brings the much-sought economies of scale. Translation or localization of your product into the language used in the given market quickly becomes a necessity. We provide a complete language solution which covers the full range of services related to bringing a localized product and content to market efficiently, cost-effectively and with the required quality.